Did you have an obsession when you were young? I did. It was SOUND.

I began exploring sound at a young age. In the 5th grade I recorded myself reenacting the Presidential debates, studying the power of voice inflection. Drawn to music, I learned how to play the violin, guitar and piano. As I grew older, I explored sound through the craft of storytelling and public speaking. And eventually, this led me to a career in radio broadcasting and voice over.

My mission is to provide you with audio you absolutely love. I am obsessed with getting your voice over just right so you have the most effective message possible in today’s competitive marketplace. Your sound is an important extension of your image.

Let’s see what type of sound best expresses your brand. Feel free to message me, and let me know if you would like me to voice a sample of your script to give you a better idea of how I would sound with your project. Thank you for your consideration– I look forward to collaborating with you!

Best Wishes,

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